There are Plumbers and there are Electricians. Most Plumbers cannot perform even the most basic electrical tests with a meter. Electricians do not plumb.

This becomes problematic if you have an electrically heated hot water system.

We have been to many, many jobs where the client has already paid for an element replacement and still has no hot water.........the plumber did not know how to test the installation but changed the element anyway.

We know what we are doing. We specialise in the repair of all electrical hot water systems.

Amongst our qualifiacations we hold:

C&G 2381 Electrical Installation.

C&G 2392 Electric Inspection and Testing.

HNC Electronics

Infrared Thermography Level 1

C&G 2399 Solar Photo Voltaic Installation

BPEC LEVEL 3 Solar Thermal Hot Water Sytems